Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Weather: Finally!

Call me crazy, but I love a great snow storm and some nice winter weather. One of the best parts of going to school in Vermont is the snow and winter activities that come along with it.  Last year we had one of the mildest winters in a while and missed out on a great ski season, but this year we have had plenty of snow and opportunities to hit the slopes.

Through the St. Mike's Adventure Sports Center (previously known as the Wilderness Program), all SMC students have access to one of the best ski season pass deals around.  We can buy a season pass to Smuggler's Notch (aka Smuggs) for just $65.  You can't beat it! A day pass to most mountains is around the same price, so even going one day to learn is worth your money.  Smuggs is just a scenic 45 minute drive from campus and the school runs shuttle buses to and from the mountain on the weekends.

This year, like most of New England, we got hit with a huge Valentine's Day weekend blizzard and my roommates and I took the opportunity to play in the snow and throw some snowballs outside our townhouse.

Smuggs on a sunny Saturday

Frolicking outside the 400's on our snow day