Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Day in the Life: A Senior Business Major

The countdown to graduation has begun, and as May 14th gets closer and closer, I'm making an effort to enjoy this last month and a half as much as I can.  Over my years at St. Mike's I've been very busy and have learned that getting in a routine is what makes me most successful and productive. There is so much to enjoy and do in Burlington and on campus that my days are never boring or empty.

No two days at St. Mike's are ever the same with class, work, homework, and friends, but there are certain things that I try to do every week.  

A typical Tuesday for me starts with my 8am Social Media Theory class, followed by my Media Law class until 11:20. My Tuesday and Thursday mornings are full with class, but it's nice for me to get an early start and have time for other things later in the day.

After my morning classes on Tuesday, I usually head to Alliot, the dining hall, to enjoy one of my favorite meals there while catching up on any work I have to do.  Being a senior with a townhouse and kitchen, I'm on the 40 swipe per semester meal plan. That roughly averages out to 1 swipe a week, so I usually use it during my break in class on Tuesdays for lunch.

After lunch, I have my Organizational Problem Solving class, the capstone for business majors.  This class goes from 1:15 to 2:50pm, so making sure I've used the time before to get things done is key!

After I'm all done with class for the day, my late afternoon depends on how much homework I have for week.  If I have a crazy week, I usually head to the library or student center to do work for an hour or two.  My Wednesday mornings are usually free and when I do a lot of homework, so if I can swing it I try to go to the gym after class on Tuesdays instead.

Around 5pm, I come back to my townhouse and make myself dinner.  One of my favorite parts of living in a townhouse is being able to cook.  What I make always varies, but it's usually nothing too fancy!

After dinner, I'm off to work at the Phonathon for the night. One of my jobs on campus in addition to being a tour guide and social ambassador is calling alumni from the office of annual giving.  From 6pm to 8:45pm every Sunday and Tuesday night, I head to Pomerleau Alumni center (check out this campus map to see exactly where it is) to hang out with awesome people and talk to alumni on the phone.

Being a member of the Phonathon team is super fun and a great way to make some extra cash.  It's so interesting talking to alumni of all ages and learn about how much other people also loved St. Mike's!

My beautiful Phonathon coworkers!

After Phonathon, a typical Tuesday night ends with my roommates in my townhouse winding down and watching some TV (This Is Us being one of my favorites).  My Tuesdays are busy but one of my favorite days.  

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Weather: Finally!

Call me crazy, but I love a great snow storm and some nice winter weather. One of the best parts of going to school in Vermont is the snow and winter activities that come along with it.  Last year we had one of the mildest winters in a while and missed out on a great ski season, but this year we have had plenty of snow and opportunities to hit the slopes.

Through the St. Mike's Adventure Sports Center (previously known as the Wilderness Program), all SMC students have access to one of the best ski season pass deals around.  We can buy a season pass to Smuggler's Notch (aka Smuggs) for just $65.  You can't beat it! A day pass to most mountains is around the same price, so even going one day to learn is worth your money.  Smuggs is just a scenic 45 minute drive from campus and the school runs shuttle buses to and from the mountain on the weekends.

This year, like most of New England, we got hit with a huge Valentine's Day weekend blizzard and my roommates and I took the opportunity to play in the snow and throw some snowballs outside our townhouse.

Smuggs on a sunny Saturday

Frolicking outside the 400's on our snow day

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why Studying Abroad Will Be the Best Decision You'll Make During your College Career

I've been fortunate enough to have two different study abroad experiences while at St. Mike's, and they both have contributed immensely to my education.

My first study abroad experience was a St. Mike's study trip to Burgundy, France in May before my junior year. This was a trip led by two St. Mike's professors, with 15 St. Mike's students, for 3 weeks.  We traveled together and took an intensive, 4-credit art history class in the historic village of Pontigny in France. Our weeks consisted of a schedule alternating between one day of classroom lectures and the next day of excursions to nearby museums, monuments, and sites that directly related to the prior day's lecture.  This style of learning was unlike any other I've had by it's truly experiential nature.

My second, and most recent study abroad experience was the more traditional study abroad experience.  I studied at a university in South Africa for an entire semester through the third party provider, AIFS.  Unlike my experience in France, I did not travel with any St. Mike's professors (although coincidentally one other girl from St. Mike's) and had lots of independence. I was able to travel on the weekends and meet so many amazing people from other parts of the U.S. and around the world.

If you are able to make it work with your class schedule over the years, here are some of my favorite reasons why it will be the best semester of your life:

1. You'll be pushed outside of your comfort zone.  During my time studying in France, our two St. Mike's professors traveling with us decided on a zero-electronics (minus cameras) policy during our 3 week trip. This was tough at first, but we all got very into taking pictures and photography and our relationships were so much stronger with each other because of it.

Paragliding over Cape Town, South Africa

World's highest bungee jump from a bridge, Bloukran's Bridge Bungee

2. You'll learn new things. 
Learning (kind of) to surf was one of my favorite parts of South Africa

3. The food. Nothing else to say here, foreign food is amazing!!

'Za with a view in Stellenbosch, South Africa
South African brunch

French macarons!

French cuisine, including escargot- snails!

The French love their cheese (duh)

4. The locals.

The wonderful and beautiful kids I taught at Ikaya Primary School in Kaya Mandi, South Africa

5. It will be a semester full of exploring. 

Wally's Cave, Lion's Head, South Africa
Small town in Burgundy, France

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

6. You'll make lifelong friends.

Friends who wine tour together stay together