Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 of the Best Study Spots that Aren't the Library

It's that time of the year again - Christmas carols have hit the radio, snow has fallen, and the fall semester is wrapping up, which means - finals week!  Although we only have exams during our last week before break, the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break are always jam-packed with final projects and papers to complete before the end of the semester.

Earlier in the semester I could be found studying in my hammock enjoying the warm weather or even braving the library, but at this point in the year I know I work best in places that don't feel too stressful or intimidating. Downtown Burlington is just a quick bus ride away and there are too many awesome coffee shops to pick from to do work. Here are some of my favorite study spots that make you forget you're even studying!

1. New Moon

New Moon is first on the list because it is my absolute favorite study spot off campus. With it's big tables and high ceilings it's easy to get into a groove of writing a paper and people watching.

2. Muddy Waters 

Muddy Waters is the best place to go when you have a lot of reading to do that doesn't require research on your computer.  Although it's one of the few coffee shops in Burlington without wifi, it's still a great place for some serious concentration and caffeine.

3. Alliot

During finals week and the weeks leading up to it, studying, sleeping and eating are priorities and pretty much all there's time for.  Moving your study sesh to Alliot ensures that you'll have plenty of food to fuel your work and get an occasional break to say hi to familiar faces.

4. Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds has the best maple latte I've come across so far and wifi to work on those big end of semester research projects.

5. Scout & Co 

I'll admit that I've never actually done any studying at Scout & Co because the table is always too full of beautiful food, but it's a great environment to relax in and would be a great spot for some reading or journaling.

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