Friday, August 19, 2016

8 Signs You're a St. Mike's Student that Needs to Go Back to School, ASAP

As the end of August is approaching and I'm hearing lots of "I don't want summer to end!" sentiments, I couldn't be more ready for September 27th to come.  Apart from a quick drive through campus earlier this summer, I have not been at SMC since December.  I spent my last semester studying abroad in South Africa, which you can read about on my other blog here.

 It was an incredible experience, one that I wouldn't change for anything, but I am happier than ever to be coming home for my senior year. Living at home this summer, commuting into Boston for my internship has been fun but exhausting, and I couldn't be more excited to come back to my favorite place with my favorite people.  8 more days! (Yes, I'm counting)

1. The group chat with your St. Mike's friends is blowing up daily. It's been a few months (at the least, but many more for those abroad, like myself) since you've seen some of your best friends and it's starting to show by the daily texts you're getting filled with heart emojis and "I miss you" messages. 

2. You're seriously craving a chicken patty. A St. Mike's classic, found in either Alliot or at the late night weekend BBQ (aka "The Grill"), chicken patties make up approximately 67% percent of any St. Mike's student's school year diet (the other 33% is made up of Ben & Jerry's, obviously). The summer months away from this staple in our diets are a cruel reality. 

3. You are actually wishing away the hot summer days away in favor of crisp, cool fall in Vermont. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for sunny days spent at the beach and the season of s'mores and sandals, but there is something so refreshing about the cool fall days in fall in the Green Mountain State.  Whether you're conquering those green mountains during a fall hike up Camel's Hump, or just enjoying some locally made apple cider in Burlington while watching the leaves change, there really is nothing else in the world quite like fall in Vermont.

View from summit of Camel's Hump, VT
4.  You've realized cooking isn't quite your thing. You need Alliot in your life ASAP. Even for upperclassmen like myself who will only get 40 meals in the dining hall a semester because we have a kitchen in our apartment or townhouse and will cook for the rest, Alliot meals are truly a blessing. The local, healthy, convenient, and tasty meals aside, going to Alliot is also a social experience unlike any other.  Every time you walk in for a meal, you see friends, professors, and friendly staff.  Which brings me to my next point...

5. You can't wait to see Rosemary again.  A St. Mike's legend and one of the most popular people on campus, Rosemary is everyone's favorite Alliot staff member.  Every day is brightened by Rosemary swiping you into the SMC dining hall. 

6.  You're spending hours each week buying and planning decorations for your new krib. If there's one thing I've learned this summer, it's that I have absolutely no self control in  A.C Moore, Target, or any other store that sells dorm decorations. 

Townhouse 408 is about to be stylin' this year, watch out. 
7. You are sick and tired of people referring to your Birks as "Jesus sandals".  Vermonters, along with those of us who only inhabit the state for 8 months of the year and like to think of ourselves as locals anyway, really do love their Birkenstock's.  And those people who just don't get it are dead to us.  Fashionable and SO COMFY, my feet are happiest when sporting my trusty "birks".

8.  You're ready to trade in your hometown scenery for The View.  City views have nothing on everyone's favorite spot on campus, "The View".  This field across from the SMC Welcome Center is a hangout and homework spot for many students.