Sunday, November 29, 2015


This semester has absolutely flown by and I can't believe that the next time I pack up my car and drive down 89 I will be saying goodbye to St. Mike's until the fall.  As excited as I am to study abroad in South Africa this spring, it will be hard leaving so many friends and my home for an entire semester. I know it will be a life changing experience, but right now I'm trying to focus on living in the few moments I have left to cherish for a while.  I am so grateful to call St. Mike's my home for more reasons than I can count, but I'm going to give it a shot.

1.  I'm thankful for my rugby family. I joined the SMC women's rugby team in the spring of my freshman year and haven't looked back since.  The team of 40 girls is my family away from home and we stick by each other through it all. Our season just ended last weekend when we advanced to the second round of nationals, the furthest the team ever has, making St. Mike's history.

2015 Conference champs!
2. I'm thankful for my beautiful surroundings. I may be biased, but Vermont is seriously one of the most beautiful states in our country.  Whenever I need a break from the stress of school, I know I can go down to Lake Champlain to appreciate Momma Nature and instantly feel better.

There is nothing quite like a Burlington sunset
3. I'm thankful for the St. Mike's community and campus.  Everyday I appreciate the community at this school more and more. There is always a familiar face wherever you go, but at the same time I am always meeting new people.  I have such a supportive group of friends who I truly call family here.  Family dinners in Alliot are one of my favorite parts of every week. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Friendsgiving: Alliot Style

Hello all!! Thanksgiving is only a few short days away, and in the midst of the papers and exams we've had to focus on, my friends and I were able to all meet for our favorite tradition at St. Mike's; Alliot Thanksgiving.

Every year, the week before Thanksgiving break our dining hall hosts a family style Thanksgiving and it is awesome.  No crazy uncles or grandmothers to ask why you're still single and make everyone uncomfortable with lame jokes, but there's still pie and a full Thanksgiving? It's perfect if you ask me!

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and peas served by Anne and the rest of the Soxedo staff. 

I'm still on the unlimited meal plan, but many of my friends live in the North Campus apartments and are on the 40 swipes a semester plan.  This is one night that everyone on campus does not miss, it's so  very worth using a swipe! 

This is definitely one of the most crowded nights of the year for Alliot.  It's great to see so many people who may be on the limited meal plan who I don't always see. 

The week before Thanksgiving is traditionally one with lots of work for all classes, so my friends and I are always swamped with homework but Alliot Thanksgiving gives us a chance to step back from the stress and enjoy each others' company before we leave for break.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Why YOU Should Sample St. Mike's This Weekend

Fall is officially in the air (and so are pumpkin spice lattes, thank god), and there's no better time to step on campus and experience what makes St. Mike's so great.

Fall is my favorite season and I think it's the best time to visit campus and Vermont because there's so much to do and see.  This Saturday, October 10th, we have our first open house of the school year and you should be there because you can...

1.  Meet the students. Campus will be buzzing with activity and students enjoying the beautiful fall weather. On any given fall weekend, you can find students out and about.  It's a great time to get a feel for the people here and see how friendly we really are. 

2. See campus at it's prettiest.  I don't think there is anything better than fall in Vermont.  The leaves have started changing and the views are better than ever.  The air is crisp and the weather is not too hot and not too cold.

3.  Catch a sports game afterwards. Catch the Women's Tennis Senior Day match at 12PM or the Men's Soccer game at 1PM at Duffy Field this Saturday after the open house!  Athletics are a huge part of St. Mike's and you can find a bunch of students at every game filled with school spirit.  Interested in playing a sport at St. Mike's?   Watching a game and then contacting the coach is the best way to show your interest!

4. Explore the area.  One of the best things about SMC is it's location.  We are in a beautiful state with so much to offer, and you should take advantage of it while you visit! Take a hike or walk on the Burlington bike path after the open house.  Mt. Philo is a beautiful hike on the shorter side with amazing views. If you're up for more of a challenge, check out Camel's Hump, my personal favorite hike in the area.  You can always find students taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings, so why not check it out now?! 

View from summit of Camel's Hump
View along the trail of Jay Peak
5. Explore Burlington.  No visit to campus is complete without a trip downtown into Burlington.  Church Street is bustling on any given fall weekend, come check it out for yourself! Grab a late lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants downtown, and see why everyone raves about the food. 

Grab a classic apple cider donut from The Doughnut Dilemma and enjoy down at the Burlington Waterfront!
Try out a caramel apple from Lake Champlain Chocolates

The possibilities are endless! There are so many reasons to come to campus this weekend for the Open House. I hope we'll see you there, and that you find a home in our community!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning in Burlington: The Farmer's Market

Yesterday, I hopped on the CCTA bus from campus to downtown Burlington (free for students with your KnightCard) and spent my Saturday morning exploring the Burlington Farmers' Market.  This was the 3rd time I've been to the market this year, and I try to go as often as I can because there is so much to enjoy. The Farmer's Market happens every Saturday morning from 8:30am- 2pm in City Hall Park, right behind Church Street during the summer and fall months until the weather stops cooperating.  Then, it moves inside for the winter, so there are still a few chances to pick up your local favorites. 

There are over 50 tents set up by different vendors selling food, plants, produce, flowers, crafts, artwork, and much more.  As a junior at St. Mike's living in a suite, I'm still on the full meal plan which means I still eat most of my meals in Alliot.  I'm not quite at the point of grocery shopping for my meals yet, so I try not to let myself buy too many groceries, but it's hard with so much great food all in one place!  Everything from the Farmer's Market is made or grown locally, something Vermonters and students at St. Mike's are really passionate about.

While browsing the market yesterday, I tried so many different types of food and saw so many cool things.

Vendors lining the street, which is closed off for the occasion
Every since studying abroad in France this summer and getting one everyday,  I'd been craving a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), and I was so happy to find one at the Farmer's Market.
You can always find musicians playing for the crowds while shopping around.

My favorite thing to pick up while they're still in season: Sunflowers!