Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jay Peak Excursion

Over the weekend I had the privilege of enjoying a beautiful Sunday with the St. Mike's Wilderness Program.  I took my first trip of the year with the program and hiked up the Long Trail at Jay Peak Ski Resort.  Although the weather was not perfect, we managed to stay dry and have an awesome time getting off campus and out into the great outdoors.

Jay peak is a well-known ski area in Vermont, just about an hour an a half away from St. Mike's.  Our hike was around 4 miles round trip and took us 4 hours to complete.  It was a very satisfying trip up, and it was cool to see the ski mountain from a different perspective; without snow and off skis, a rare sight for me and so many of my friends who are avid skiers.  The trail description described the last mile as a "relentless" trek to the summit, but we were all proud to say that we conquered it without too much of a struggle.

My favorite part of the trip was talking with two older women at the summit. They started around the time we did and they made it to the top just behind us. They talked to us about the climb since they had both done it so many times before, and about how much they enjoyed hiking.  They explained to us how many awesome experiences the activity has brought them. My friends and I joked that we all hoped to be doing this same hike in half the time they did when we were their age!

(Foggy) group photo at the summit with our awesome trip leaders Harper and Morgan

Our first ice sighting of the year
The trail signs looked out of place without snow

The temperature got a tad bit nippy up top... under 40 degrees! 

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