Thursday, August 21, 2014


When the summer nights slowly start turning colder, it's always a bittersweet realization that fall on its way. The changing of seasons, especially summer to fall, is a time of change that demands to be felt.  Whether you're starting your first year of college away from home or simply just starting another school year, a new year is a new chapter, yours for the writing.

Exactly a year ago, the drive from my hometown to move-in day at Saint Michael's led me to one of the biggest changes of my life.  As my family and I drove farther up I-89, I was driving farther into the unknown.  Through all of the excitement of move in day, there was anxiety about being away from home and everything going smoothly.  The change and adjustment from high school to college is a big one, but that's what makes it such a worth while one.  The greatest piece of advice I have for any nervous freshman is to remember that you are not in this alone because one-fourth of the school is going through this exact same change at the same time with you.  No matter what your situation, you are never alone.  There are always people who are there to support you and who understand.

A year later, I'm packing up my things for school (a little lighter load than last year, thanks to some learning from experience) and I am blown away by the changes that have happened in my life over the last year.  As an incoming freshman, I never thought I would be pursuing college athletics, let alone take up the new sport of rugby, but here I am preparing for my week-long preseason that begins next week.  Life can be scary when approaching the unknown, but without it, there would be no growth.

Best of luck to all SMC freshmen moving in next week!


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