Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Essentials of A Staycation

Tomorrow morning I am headed back to school in Vermont after a week home in Massachusetts.  Though I have been a bit jealous (and maybe bitter) of all of beach pictures showing up on my social media news feeds this week, a relaxing week at home with my family and friends was exactly what I needed before I head back to a packed spring schedule.  Spending spring break at home doesn't sound all that glamorous, but as a freshman with a few more spring break opportunities to travel or participate in a MOVE volunteer trip, I made the most of my stay-cation and actually ended up enjoying myself (who knew!) My plans were to spend the week on the couch in front of my TV, but I quickly figured out some better things to do with myself.  There really are so many simple pleasures in being home, and here are just a few of my essentials to making a week at home, a week of fun.

1. Cat time.  Anyone with a pet at home understands how tough it is to be away from the family furry friend for a long time.  FaceTime dates with my cat were made a regular occurrence with my family, but still, I was really looking forward to seeing my cat, Ellie, when I came home.

2. Baking. Any time home would not be complete with an excess of baking.  Vacation calories don't count, right?! 
Putting some Girl Scout Thin Mints to good use in this trifle.  Recipe:

Cake pops, courtesy of
3. Shopping.  Spring is on my mind, and it's perfectly okay to indulge in sundresses and shorts, even if you won't be able to wear them for a month or two. 

4. Hanging with friends.  Only a few of my friends had the same week off as I did, but the three of us that were home managed to spend lots of time driving through our hometown nostalgically.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Refreshing Weekend

I spent this weekend on a island on Lake Champlain with thirty of my new rugby teammates, and our coach, for a rugby retreat at Saint Anne's Shrine.  It was a weekend full of team bonding and uncontrollable laughter, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Our team is truly a family and I feel more supported and accepted than I ever have during my time at Saint Mike's after this weekend.

I spent so long trying to find my niche at this school, and I finally feel like I've found my place and my people.  And what an amazing feeling it is! It's very hard for me to pick my favorite moments from the weekend because the entire experience was just amazing.  We spent some time learning more about the game of rugby, sharing our own personal stories with our teammates, and coming together as a team.  

The beautiful sunset over Champlain our first night