Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Happy Place

Tonight, a stressful first week of classes and getting back into the swing of things called for a trip downtown to the local coffee shop.  I made the trek downtown on the city bus with one of my friends after dinner to get off campus and explore the beautiful city of Burlington we live in.

Church Street is always gorgeous, even in the rain/sleet/snow! 

 We brought our backpacks, filled with new textbooks and notebooks, and walked along Church Street to our destination; Muddy Waters, a cozy coffee shop tucked away on the corner of Church and Main Street.  A true hidden gem! We discovered the place a few months ago and have been totally hooked ever since.

Inside Muddy Waters

Wooden beams, walls, benches, and tables create a cozy atmosphere that fits right into Vermont, and the soothing music that plays and interesting people who frequent the shop give it it's crunchy character.  We both ordered our drinks and cookies, and then settled down to do some homework.

I got a raspberry hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven-- Mmmmm!

My favorite part of Muddy's, though? The stone wall and all the folded-up notes people have scribbled and tucked away for the people of Burlington to discover and read.  It's so cool to learn about all the people who have enjoyed the same place with their friends that I am with mine.

One of the best notes I've discovered so far

Muddy's is a place you should definitely check out if you're in the Burlington area! It's a great place to get a good cup of coffee, some baked goods, or a Muddy's Shake, and check out the city vibe. It's one of those places I can go to and everything else falls into place and perspective when I'm there.  My happy place.  I'm truly so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

The Muddy's Shake is an espresso-flavored milkshake- my favorite!
"If you are reading this then you are a dirty hippie"

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