Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Break

As of tonight, I have been home for Winter break for exactly three weeks.  I still have a week to go before I'll be making the drive back up to St. Mike's, but so far, it's truly been a great time!

I've been indulging myself in many of the blessings of being home that I missed a lot, such as:

1. Showering barefoot
2. My mom's cooking
3. Candles and their ambiance
4. Quality family time with my parents and younger twin brothers
5. Seeing my high school friends regularly
6. Bagel World a.k.a the best bagel shop in my town and/or all of Massachusetts
7. Sleeping in my own bed
8. Baking
9. Driving my car
10. And last but not least, cuddling with my chubby cat, Ellie

But I do have to say that the fact that I'll be back in Burlington in just a week excites me A LOT!

I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine and getting back to enjoying some of the perks of college and SMC life, including:

1. Reuniting with my friends
2. Having my own living space in my dorm
3. Using my Smuggler's Notch ski pass
4. Lunch at Alliot
5. Chicken patties at the Grill
6. Starting yoga and rugby, two new things for me
7. Being surrounded with friends 24/7
8. Church Street adventures
9. Being back in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful scenery
10. Starting all new classes, with a fresh slate and motivation

Here's to a great spring semester and 2014!! I can't wait!

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